Reviving India

Reviving India was established in the year 2013 (called as ‘Rock In Robos’ then), it expanded into fields other than Embedded systems and was formalized as Reviving India in 2016. It is a youth Club formed for the benefit and upliftment of students who want to learn and utilize their learned skills for the best output.

We aspire to spread its principle of ‘Think what you Do & Do what you think’ among all and serve the youth. Reviving India rigorously attempts to create an open and unbiased platform for the students where they can freely give their Ideas, brainstorm those Ideas, experience the power of open discussion, get guidance from experts coming from around the globe, get full opportunity to implement/develop, face and learn from real-time challenges, to achieve their aspiration.

Our Branches

Our branches are not just locations.
They are the heartbeats of our organization, pulsing with energy and commitment

Meena Bazar

Sanjay Nagar
Delhi NCR



What some of my clients have to say about me


Enrolling in Reviving India's program was a pivotal decision. The mentorship and hands-on approach to problem-solving were unparalleled. I not only learned essential business revival strategies but also gained practical insights that have been instrumental in my career progression

Ankit Gupta.

"The Reviving India program was a game-changer for me. The sessions were engaging, focusing on real-world scenarios and actionable strategies. The guidance on adaptive leadership and crisis management reshaped how I approach challenges in my entrepreneurial journey."


"Reviving India's training program was a breath of fresh air. The emphasis on operational efficiency and technological integration was exactly what I needed to boost my career. The practical insights have directly contributed to streamlining processes within my organization."

Ashish Gupta

"I can't recommend Reviving India's training enough. The program's focus on innovation in marketing strategies was enlightening. I've implemented several tactics learned during the sessions, resulting in measurable improvements in our marketing campaigns."