Mahindar kumar (Django)

Name :  Mahindar Kumar

College : Miet

Course : Python Django Rest api

Python Django Rest api

Python Datatypes

Python has several built-in data types that are used to represent different kinds of values.

Loops, Conditional Statments , Control

It looks like you're interested in learning about loops, conditional statements, and control flow in programming.

Functions , Generators , Iterators , Decorators

These important concepts in Python: functions, generators, iterators, and decorators.

Classes & Objects

A class is a blueprint for creating objects, which are instances of that class. A class defines the properties (attributes) and behaviors (methods) that its objects will have

How to design MVT architecture in Django Framework

Which is similar to the more commonly known MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. In Django, the MVT pattern is used to structure the components of a web application

Project - How to create project in django rest Framework

Creating a project in Django REST Framework involves setting up a new Django project and then integrating the REST framework into it.

How to design models (Schema) in framework & admin portal in Django

Designing models (schema) and setting up the admin portal in Django involves defining the structure of your database tables using models and creating an admin interface to manage the data

Design Endpoints

Designing endpoints in Django REST Framework involves defining the URLs, views, serializers, and permissions to create a RESTful API

API Sensor

An API (Application Programming Interface) for sensors can allow you to interact with and retrieve data from various types of sensors, such as temperature sensors, motion sensors, humidity sensors, etc.

How to check in the code GIT

To check in your code to a Git repository, you need to follow a series of steps to create commits that capture the changes you've made.

Host ( Free Cloud)

These free cloud hosting platforms are great for getting started with hosting your projects, experimenting, and showcasing your work.

Host ( Cloud - AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a powerful cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services for hosting, managing, and scaling applications.