Mutable & Immutable-Task

Programming Questions

  1. Write  a program to find a number id 
  2. Write a  program to find a string  id
  3. Write a program  to find a type of object
  4. write a program to modify and not an immutable datatype
  5. How to find item is immutable
  6. Write a program to find object mutable datatype 
  7. How to modify mutable datatype
  8. How to find object is mutable help of type
  9. write a program create a mutable datatype
  10. How to delete mutable and immutable datatype

Theory Questions

  1.  What is an immutable datatype? 
  2.  How many types of immutable  datatype
  3.  What is id 
  4. What is type
  5. What is value
  6. What is a mutable datatype
  7. How many types of a mutable object 
  8. What is modify in a mutable object
  9. What id difference immutable and mutable datatype
  10. What are the immutable and mutable datatype in python