Dictionary Task

Programming Question

1. Write a program to create a dictionary and access

2. Write a program to create a nested dictionary and access

3. Write a program to access dictionary items

4. Write a program to access all the keys the dictionary

5. Write a program to key  and value both access in the dictionary

6. Write a program to update the value of the dictionary

7. Write a program  to remove items the dictionary

8. Write a program to convert two lists into dictionary

 keys = [‘Ten’, ‘Twenty’, ‘Thirty’] 

 values = [10, 20, 30]

9. Write a  program to get the maximum and minimum values in a dictionary.

10. Write a Python program to check multiple keys that exists in a dictionary.


Theory Questions

1. What is a dictionary

2. What is  a key and value in the dictionary

3. What is the update method use the dictionary

4. What is  the remove method use the dictionary

5. What is the copy method use the dictionary with example