Everything we do here is about you. Through our club we wish to bring the industry and education system closer. Our aim is to slightly shift the education system’s interest to a more relevant and close to reality context which not just gives hollow knowledge but can help in future by making youth experience that knowledge.


We aspire to spread its principal of ‘Think what you Do & Do what you think’ among all and serve the youth. Reviving India rigorously attempts to create an open and unbiased platform for the students where they can freely give their Ideas, brainstorm those Ideas, experience power of open discussion, get guidance from experts coming from round the globe, get full opportunity to implement/develop, face and learn from real-time challenges, to achieve their aspiration.


Each One Teach One

Reviving India advocates “Each One Teach One”. This signifies that if every student teaches or shares his/her knowledge with others; it will make everyone technically sound in all the fields possible & thus become perfectly fit for the industry.

Hands on Practice

Reviving India promotes the concept of “Hands-On Practice” i.e. every individual practices on his/her own, students in electronics field need realistic, hands-on experience to master practical skills. For this, RevIn provides every participant with the required resource or equipment in its workshop sessions.


Reviving India was established in the year 2013 (called as ‘Rock In Robos’ then), it expanded into fields other than Embedded systems and was formalized as Reviving India in 2016. It is a youth Club formed for the benefit and upliftment of students who want to learn and utilize their learned skills for the best output.


Praveen Kumar

Being the founder of Reviving India, he is driving force of the organisation. He setup the Robotics club ‘Rock In Robos(RRC) owing to his passion for Robotics which was formally expanded and established as ‘Reviving India’ that caters to all streams and disciplines. Have been part of Top tier reputed companies and continues to inspire many with his unwavering hardwork and vision (http://kumar-praveen.com/)

Samra Azam

She is one of the founding members of Reviving India who has been part of the journey since the inception of Rock In Robos. She has worked with top global IT giants and Banking firms and holds rich corporate experience which contributes RevIn in establishing good rapport in the industry. If you would like to know more in detail, pay a visit to below WebID – http://samraazam.thewebid.com



The club takes up projects from various companies (Industries) or clients from all fields. These projects provide the club members intriguing opportunities to excel in the technical aspect also get a wide exposure to Industries.


OTPS stands for ‘ONE TECHNOLOGY PER STUDENT’ which is an initiative towards student skill enhancement by Reviving India. Reviving India believes in bringing the hard to achieve goals closer to students.


RRC promotes the concept of ‘Each One Teach One’ i.e. learning from each other. For this RRC carries on its internal as well as external learning programs in the form of workshops/trainings/online-sessions.


Reviving India has a rich panel of Experts of diverse fields and backgrounds. These experts continuously work along with RevIn for the benefit of youth. Our experts take out time from their busy schedules and make an effort to contribute to the society and bring a positive change in the current system.

“A true expert is A student forever & A researcher for Life”
Reviving India


Ruman Ahamed

Working in valuation industry from last 7 years with exhaustive knowledge in retail and commercial properties. Expertise in valuation and consulting.

Ruman Ahamed

Data Engineer
Ashish Kumar

20 Years experience in aviation and aerospace activities in Indian Air Force. Data Analyst & Technical Head in Reviving India

Ashish Kumar

Technical Head
Neha Sahotra

With over 8 years of experience of working as an ETL| Data warehouse

Neha Sahotra

Database Engineer
Yatish Malik

With over 10 years of experience of working as an ETL| Data warehouse | BI developer in various domains such as Healthcare and Finance.

Yatish Malik

Data Ware House Engineer


Dr Seema Verma

Dr Seema Verma

Training & Placement Head
Dr Rakesh Verma

Dr Rakesh Verma

Business Analytics Head
Vijay Kumar

Vijay Kumar

Manufacturing Head